Where the wild walls are

When Mr O wasn’t yet walking, I started a little project to shoot him {not literally} against funky walls around town. I needed a creative hobby and what better way to chart his growth, right?! {Plus, hello! 21st birthday photos!} I honestly thought I’d be done after a couple of weeks, if I was lucky. I never thought I’d say it, but how awesome to be proven wrong! πŸ˜ƒ Once I started looking, I realised I was spoilt for choice.  WALLS. EVERYWHERE.

It all started here, at Deep Water Point about three years ago…

Right now, he has no idea what he’s in for!
Since then, this little hobby has seen Mr O rock some of the coolest art around town, almost 200 walls at last count!  “Say what?” I hear you say.  “For real!” I say back! You can check some of them out here or at #mr_o_rockinthatwall.

My well-trained wallflower!
This amazingly detailed piece is by @theblackmountains for Form WA and outside the deliciousness that is the Ria Malay Kitchen in Leederville.

What are you looking at? Find this stunner by @anyapaintface in Wolf Lane.
Do you have cool art where you live? Have you spied any on your travels? I would love to say hello!



10 thoughts on “Where the wild walls are

  1. Hey Jo! Congrats on the blog. I follow you on Instagram already and I just wanted to come over and say Hi and congrats. I love a good wall too. I have noticed the Westfields have really up’d the wall art lately πŸ˜€

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