The “earth” without art is just “eh”

“Muuuuuuuuum, what are we doing today?”  Without fail, I hear that every morning from Mr O. Sometimes before the fun erm, sun, has risen.

Most of the time we’re in a pretty good routine. Mama needs a plan {and a coffee, and often a glass of vino at the end of each day, but hey that’s a TOTALLY separate post}. Some days however the seemingly  bottomless well of mama ideas is 100% BONE. DRY. #cuecrisis #sendhelp!

Enter Busy Little Kids and that cry of “Muuuuuuuuuuum” quickly turned into “Awesommmmmmmme!”

Ideas! Party time!

The lovely Neva shared her book with me and I have not looked back. Packed full of ideas {123 to be exact!} for indoor or outdoor play, it totally replenished the well.  We love it.

Today was especially fun as we decided to play with these beauties #winning #thankyouneighboursfordonating



And then paired them with this…


And then let Mr O create! #doublewinning!



We found these common daisies the best to use.  Because I stole acquired them late in the day, they were pretty much closed, so made for a totally natural paintbrush, which is really what this creative exercise is all about #triplewinning!


And mums, the best part is the no-fuss clean up! Straight in the bin and no washing of brushes #quadruplewinning!

Have you tried this with your kids? What other things do you do to inspire their creativity? I’m always open to saying hello to new ideas!IMG_6993


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