Join me to say hello to yellow!

What do you think of when you see yellow? Sunshine? Sunflowers? Spongebob? ย For me, yellow just screams HAPPY!

It’s such a great mood-booster that hits you square in the face {well not literally, but you’re picking up what I’m putting down right?}

For the month of September I’m hoping you’ll join me in a new creative photo challenge which I’m excited about growing if you want to come along for the ride.

Join me by posting and sharing your captures on Instagramย showing how you’ve said hello to yellow this September. Easy right? Point. Shoot. Share. Easy peasy, totally {yellow} lemon squeezy!

It could be retina burning…

Hello Ikea. Hello coffee. Hello cool cup!

Or minimal pops…

Hello swimming {and awkward poolside pose and almost dropping my phone taking this!}

Or like this, which is what I did when I dropped Mr O at daycare this morning {because holding a plastic banana in a car park at 8.30am {and then taking a photo of it!} ย is totally NORMAL behaviour right!?

Don’t judge.

There’s heaps of editing apps that can help candify your pics too, if you’re into that, like me #addicted #againdontjudge. I created this usingย Afterlightย andย Little Moments App.


So, who’s ready to get happy this September by saying hello to colour? You don’t need to play every day – just whenย the moodย strikes. I want this to be fun and encourage you to look for colour in your everyday. Break yourย routine and help me build a rainbow as we spring into Spring!

Month-to-month I’ll change up the colour scheme to keep it fresh and… well… COLOURFUL!

Iย do hope you’ll join me in saying hello. Grab a ticket on the yellow bus, once, twice or 30 times over the next 30 days, and be sure to tag your pics to #sayhelloyellow so I can see them. I’d love to see how you #sayhelloyellow in your everyday. I’ll be sure to share some of my faves here as the month rolls by.

I can’t wait to say hello to your captures {or should I say hello yellow!}



9 thoughts on “Join me to say hello to yellow!

  1. What a wonderful read. Seems you are as good at blogging as you are at instagramming. I love the new tag / monthly colour. Great idea. You’re a genius. I said it a long time ago and I’ll say it again. Brilliant stuff! X

    Liked by 1 person

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