That time I drove 100km with some rainbow balloons and found magic in a golden field

Great things happen when strangers become friends. Amazing things happen when you lose your inhibitions. Combine the two and it’s a recipe for simply awesome things. Unexpected things. Colourful and crazy things.

My simply awesome thing happened last Sunday as I stood in a golden field of canola, exactly 100km East of Perth.   It really was like a surreal movie scene.  Me, literally standing in a field that seemingly never ended, surrounded yellow flowers that came up to my armpits. Oh, and balloons. Rainbow balloons, because, you know, colour.

Oh, hey!

Before we get to that exact moment, let me take you back to where it all started, which, incidentally was just the day before, because, you know, planning.

I found myself in a balloon shop with Mr O just as it was closing.  I’m glad I was only in there for it’s final 10 minutes because I learned the hard way that those kind of shops with all their pretty colour and sparkly trinkets and eye-level, tiny-hand-reaching gadgets is hard practically impossible with a toddler in tow.

It was 10 minutes with a lot of me saying “look with your eyes, not with your hands,” to Mr O, while I nodded distractedly to the shop assistant when she suggested seven rainbow balloons on rainbow coloured ribbons.

Once ready, we carried them to the car so I could undertake an impromptu lesson in flexibility and patience trying to get them inside, particularly as it was blowing a gale and Mr O’s hands were again within reach.

“Please don’t pop,” I kept thinking. “They just cost me 25 bucks.”

The balloons were a last-minute purchase to take on a road trip the following day because I thought on a whim that they’d be a cool photo prop. Because, why not? 

We’d planned to head to York to see the canola fields, have a bit of a mooch around the historic town, grab some lunch and then head home.

The drive was just over an hour, and saw the balloons stuffed not-so-discreetly in the back of the car, and luckily not too many drivers passed us as I’m sure it would have been a sight.  Pretty much the whole back window was a rainbow, with just enough room for us to peek out, because, you know, safety.

About 10 minutes out of town we started to look for the golden fields.   We knew the canola was in bloom, just didn’t know where.  

I should stress at this point that the hubs has a high level of patience for my crazy photo taking ideas and this could have ended very badly seeing as we really didn’t know where we were going…

Regardless, through the town we went and then kinda took a chance chasing roads hoping to find our patch of heaven.  I was slowly losing hope {at the same rate as the balloons were deflating} when suddenly we got to the crest of a hill and on the other side: jackpot! Halleujah! 


The fields were actually part of farmer’s property but the gate was wide open, almost beckoning us in.  The only thing missing was a sign that said “park here” and a coffee van which also sold donuts.
Luckily the farmer’s house was about 800m from the road, so we parked just inside the gates, jumped out and so officially began Operation: Stand-in-a-canola-field-and-hold-some-rainbow-balloons.

At the exact same moment that we were getting out of the car, a small white car turned into the gates.  “The farmer!” we thought.  We were about to be massively sprung for trespassing.

Temporary panic struck when the car slowed and then parked just near us. “What the heck are we going to say?”  

Turns out, thankfully, nothing because it WASN’T the farmer, it was five young girls.   Students from Perth I was to later discover, who had the same idea as us.  They too had driven the adventurous hour and got out with their selfie sticks and giggles to stand in a field near us.

I remember their collective shriek when we pulled the balloons out of our car and I admit I felt a bit silly in that moment at what that scene must’ve looked like.

We kept our distance for a good 30 minutes, me taking pics of both the Mister and Mr O, and the Mister taking pics of me.

Navigating the yellow seas and keeping watch for snakes!


Tip: Don’t put your child down or you’ll run the risk of never finding them again!

It was when we emerged from the fields, that we all got chatting.   Mr O broke the ice by asking what their names were and {after a bit of coaxing} let them share his balloons.

And, well, that’s when things got crazy.  I told them I was planning on blogging this and right then and there with hardly any mobile reception we connected on social media. Great things happen when strangers become friends.

I then found myself holding their phones and taking photo after photo  after photo {literally so many photos} of them, and then them with the balloons.  Group photos, and then of each of the girls.  Then all of them with Mr O.  Then all of them with Mr O and me {well, hubs took that one!} It was crazy!  

“Look at me,”… “Look at the balloons,”… “Look up to the sky,”… “OK, great, who’s next?”… 

If the farmer was watching he either would have been calling the cops or eating some popcorn in his front row seat. Hubs was certainly doing the latter as I watched him laughing and shaking his head at this situation we somehow found ourselves in.

Mr O’s new girlfriends

The girls of course returned the favour and that’s how we got this…

Great things happen when strangers become friends.   It’s not often that I’m able to get a pic with all of us in it, I mean someone has to hold the camera right, and it is usually me.  In this moment it was Anna, who is also holding Mr O above, and I’m forever grateful!  And I know you’re reading this so HELLO and THANK YOU! 

Now, I’m not saying that to find your amazing moment you need to take a 100km road trip or find your own canola field. But, maybe, just maybe, say hello to some rainbow balloons and see where they take you.



9 thoughts on “That time I drove 100km with some rainbow balloons and found magic in a golden field

  1. Thats so awesome. We saw a sunflower field on the way to a pony run last Summer. We didn’t have time to stop on the way there, so figured we would stop on the way back. Well almost 8 hours later we were having trouble finding the exact spot. My friend said “what if they mowed it over?” I thought that was the craziest statement ever. Well, sure enough we find it, and the farmer was on his tractor, and half of the field was mowed over. We got out, jumped over a huge ditch of mud; 1 out of 5 kids lost a shoe in the mud. We were in the middle of tall sunflowers when a cop shows up. We noticed the farmer had stopped plowing and assumed he called the cops on us for trespassing. We then noticed another family had pulled over and was also taking photos. Turns out the cop was just making sure noone was broken down. Phew!! Such a fun experience though.

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  2. Hello Jo! I follow you and your beautiful photos on Instagram and just had to pop by and check out the new blog! What a perfect day you had rolling around in the canola fields, who knew it was the perfect place to make new friends? I look forward to your next photography adventure x

    Liked by 1 person

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