Have you ever been eye-to-eye with a giraffe?

Today I said hello to a new friend.  Meet Armani, who Mr O and I met this morning at Perth Zoo.

He was quite the character and VERY charming.  And HUGE.  Especially when looking at him like this…

Oh, hey!

I was invited as a guest of Perth Zoo for a special behind-the-scenes look at some of the coolest animals and it included a VERY up close and personal experience with this guy.  Luckily for me I was able to take along my own little cheeky monkey, wannabe zookeeper Mr O.

We totally got to break the rules when it came to signs like this…

And also climbed the Savannah Outlook Tower to say hello to things from a giraffe’s point of view.

“Come on Armani, I’ve got some morning tea for you!”

Not two seconds later, this totally happened…

Check. Out. That. Tongue!

And then this…

Food in the left hand, phone in the right… I was worried I might drop both!
Mmmm, delicious! The phone obviously survived!

We’re actually at the Zoo every week, but have never done ANYTHING like this and it was so FUN!  You can actually book up close and personal experiences with a heap of animals {penguins, elephants, even lions!} from just $5.  How cool is that!

We also got to take in some of the prettiest sights in the Zoo from the comfort of our own personal golf buggy.


And we got to take in an A to Zoo class, or, as Mr O calls it, Zoo School. We’ve done that for the last two terms and so far we’ve learned about all the animals from the Asian Rainforest and the African Savannah. Today our educator told us all about tigers.  If your little one is between 2 and 5 years, it’s so worth it.

Mr O has learned heaps, and so have I.  I mean, do you know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise?  Do you know how many bones a giraffe has in its neck?  What about the name for a collection of zebras?

We also got to take in a the Scaly Mates experience, which is new for the school holidays and located in the Discovery Yard, an area not normally open to everyday visitors.

Now I’m not normally very good with anything scaly but by the end of it was on pretty good terms with Wilma the Woma Python as well as the Bearded Dragon and the very cute Radiated Tortoises.

Hey Wilma!

Mr O even got to help get the animals out and put them away with the help of the great educator, Sherina.

About to say hello to the radiated tortoises, which are about as big as your hand.
Wilma the python is totally in there!

And of course we checked out the horses when we took in a ride on the restored carousel, which has been at the Zoo since 1947.  Bonus for me here was that Pink’s Funhouse CD was playing as we went round and round #winning!

Giddy up!

Thanks for having us Perth Zoo.  Who says you can’t work with animals and children huh!

And, for those playing along at home, tortoises don’t go in the water; a giraffe has seven bones in its neck – the same as you, they’re obviously just bigger!; and, my fave, a collection of zebras is called a dazzle.  Quiz night sorted right there!  You’re welcome.

What was your Sunday like?  Have you ever come eye-to-eye with a giraffe or any other animal?  I’d love to say hello to your experiences!


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