What I learned while having a ball(oon)

I read somewhere once that a balloon is one of the best toys you can give a child.  It’s all about feeding their imagination, tapping into that unknown sense of wonder. I mean, just where do balloons end up when you let them go?  I still think about that now.  And believe me, I have had enough opportunities to think about that this past fortnight.  But more of that later.

Say hello to joy!

Because my balloons from the canola field were still going strong and were so much fun to play with earlier this month, I thought I’d pull them out {or rather drag them around, shoved awkwardly in the back of the car} for one last hurrah.

This week they’ve helped me say hello to colour and walls in a whole new way, and in very quick succession.  I had the crazy idea to seek out a little lets-match-balloons-to-walls project on Friday morning after seeing the upcoming weekly Fat Mum Slim photo prompts and needed to pretty much complete it that same weekend because life be busy and at the end of the day when I’ve finished work, light be bad.

So, later that Friday morning I found myself at my local shopping centre {ALONE!} while the Mr and Mr O were at swimming lessons.  I told a little white lie to a guy at a shop after spying some balloons on white plastic sticks.  You know, the ones they give to kids so they can wave around so they almost hit other shoppers, or other kids.  Yes!  Just what I was after. {The stick that is, not the lie and certainly not balloon fights!}

“Oh! Hi! Do you think I could have one of those for my little boy?” pointing and smiling enthusiastically at the guy who I’m sure thought he was about to make a sale.

“He’s just with his Dad in another store right now and I’ll be seeing him in just a second and he’d LOVE this”.

I remember thinking – as he handed me a balloon without question – that the whole little fakery situation going on in that moment actually felt way easier than I thought it would!  I mean, I felt bad with the lie but also kinda high-fiving myself at the same time at how smooth it all went.  So, stick and balloon in hand and a quick “thank you” before my conscience totally kicked in, I was off.

Part 1 sorted.  Turns out that Part 2 – walking through the shops back to the car  carrying a balloon on a stick with no actual kid in sight – was a tad cringe worthy though. You win, conscience.

Part 3 saw us here 30 minutes later where I met the Mister and Mr O after swimming.   It’s my fave local chemist that I have visited so many times for photos but never once stepped inside.

“OK, give that back please…. if you give it back, you can have a treat in the car…”

Five seconds later we were done.

Say hello to yellow! You can’t see it here but Mr O’s head and hands are just underneath that stick and if this post had sound you’d be hearing “my turn, my turn”!

Part 4, the main act, took place on Sunday afternoon.  I’d just finished a great behind-the-scenes tour of Perth Zoo and Mr O had fallen asleep in the car on the drive home.

Yes! An hour to get the job done! Looking back now typing this, it sounds crazy but at the time, my idea to shoot five photos in an hour, and finding walls of matching rainbows, felt totally doable.  I mean, I knew where the walls were, I had the props and “The Director”, as my hubs likes to call himself, to shoot me.  Plus, the pics themselves would literally take 5 seconds, right?

Ten minutes later I picked up the Mr Director as he stood on the driveway doing his best Mary Poppins impersonation holding the balloons, both jumped in the car, and together we drove, while Mr O still slept.  We were in search of colour so I could stand and do this…

A wide shot showing the crop so you can see the real deal! The behind-the-scenes shots always make me laugh/cringe! I joke about Instagram being my glamorous life where as the reality is more like this!

Now, as any great drama unfolds, so does the appearance of the villain.  Or in my case, two.  The first was scissors.   Or more to the point, lack thereof.  You see, in my haste to pick up the Mister and the balloons and shoot them within the hour I’d left all the balloons tied together on the curling ribbon that they came with when I first bought them.

Now, if you’ve every tried to cut/tear/break that stuff without scissors and just with your bare hands, you will know THE PAIN I was in at that very moment.  For something so pretty that stuff sure does burn when you pull at it.  And the more you try to break it, the stronger it seems to get.

I asked myself: “What the heck am I going to do?” or, more to the point seeing as we were standing in an industrial wasteland on a Sunday afternoon, “What would Macgyver do?”   Time was running out, and we were only at the first wall!

So right there in that moment, I found myself turning the car off, using my semi-serrated car key to kind of saw through the ribbon.  Mr O was still unawares but the Mr watched, probably thinking “what the heck have I got myself into here and where is Macgyver?”

Once the balloons were free, we pretty much drove wall-to-wall and repeated the process – balloons out, keys out, arm out – crossing each colour on the list off as we went.

The thing that I didn’t account for was the wind.  The second villain.   It was having a grand old time watching our hijinks and just as I was in place, it let rip and made the stick do this…

And of course when I opened the car door quickly, it also did this…

Look closely!

Wait, you can’t see the balloons?  Me neither anymore, but they are up there, Mr Green and Mr Blue, floating away to that abyss that I mentioned earlier.  Turns out they got the express as they disappeared pretty quick.  See, I told you I thought about that magical balloon graveyard a lot this past week!

The others that stayed in the car too long ended up like this…

Death by helium and dodgy ribbon cutting skills

So my friends, the morale of the story is this:  Always carry scissors in your car, be sure to throw caution to the wind and don’t let anyone pop your balloon!

Have you ever used balloons in your photos? Do you know where they go?  I’d  love to say hello to your experiences!


2 thoughts on “What I learned while having a ball(oon)

  1. I loved following your colourful week over on Instagram. I’m totally a kid when it comes to balloons too, they just make me happy, how can they not? & also I feel your pain with wind always ruining photographic plans, everytime I try to snap something in nature… Wooosh & my pic & subject ends up blurry! Good thinking with the car keys to cut the ribbon, I’ve been caught out with that before but used my teeth!! Eeeek!

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