And it was all yellow

Hello happy!

Hope you’ve had a fab month. Are we really saying goodbye to September already?  WHERE. DID. THAT. GO?

It’s been a bit of a blur huh. But what a fantastic blur of yellow.

I’m truly BLOWN AWAY by the love you’ve given my little blog and new creative photo challenge by saying hello to colour this month.  Its been like walking my very own yellow brick road!  Just call me Dorothy!  I’m so excited it’s inspired you to see and share the colour in your every day and I hope to keep the momentum going.  Please come along for the ride and join me in building a virtual rainbow.  I promise it will be fun! And colourful!

I’ve shared some of my #sayhelloyellow faves already on my Instagram and I thought I’d share more here.

I wanted to start with some flower power because we could all do with a daily dose of that good stuff right?  And these are simply blooming lovely.  Me? I am useless at taking pics of flowers.  Thanks for asking anyway.  Seriously, I don’t know why and believe me I have tried, but we unfortunately are not friends. Camera says no.  Flowers say absolutely no way. I think that’s why I appreciate those that can do it so well.

Go and say hello to the talented @bronwynboniface, @makeitsnappy3,   @staceyechin and @charlotte.cornes.3 for sharing the beauty in this grid.

I just couldn’t resist saying hello to a cheeky little yellow collection here.  Don’t they look so cute together?  Seriously guys, were you all out together for lunch and decided on an impromptu photo shoot after a couple of drinks?  I love it when great minds think of great ideas together.  Let’s hand it to the fab @rosesnapz, @luciewonderland, @phohal and @mummag70.

Other faves are here in this gorgeous minimal collection which came perfectly together from the stylish work of @winnies_wonderland, @marisa.young, @hannievanbreda and @acornerofmylife.

Now, there were two pics that jumped out at me this month, literally through my phone screen and hit me right in the face {thanks guys!}, and I thought deserved a solo feature.

How cool {and yummy!} is this treat by @caznpete

And this cute dude totally rocking the wall thanks to @shaunstar

Thanks to everyone who played along this month, I’ve loved saying hello to your yellow captures.  I’ll share next month’s theme later today as we look to build a virtual rainbow and get ready to say hello to October! Eeeeek.

Did you play along this month?  Will you join in next month? What was your favourite way to say hello to yellow this September?



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