Join me to say hello to green!

Welcome to our second month of saying hello to colour!  I hope you’re having as much fun as I am? Yes? Good.  I’m totally loving your yellow captures from last month and sharing some of my faves earlier today was so much fun!  Have you checked them out yet?  You can say hello here.

For the month of October I’d love you to join me to say hello to green!  It’s the next colour on the spectrum so I figured the perfect choice to build our little virtual rainbow.

What do you think of when you see green?  For me right now its four things:  the first one being GO!  October is shaping up to be a great month for me, with lots of new things to say hello to and lots on the go.  I’m excited.  Not the least because I’M GOING TO SEE ROBBIE WILLIAMS THIS MONTH #yesthattotallydeservedcaps, which quickly and unfortunately brings me to my second thought: green around the gills because THIS…  Seriously Robbie, I love you but please sort out your hair.

Photo by David Wolff – Patrick/Getty Images

The third is greener pastures in the form of a little family getaway and the fourth, well that officially kicks in tomorrow although I must say has been quietly brewing for a couple of weeks.  It’s the worst of the greens: envy.  You see, the Mister is off to watch the AFL Grand Final and spending three days in Melbourne while I do the solo parent thing.   I’m not a football supporter really but the thought of going to Melbourne for a weekend to shop take in the culture, well hello!  

If you haven’t played before it is so easy.  All you need to do is find green in your everyday, snap it and share it to #sayhellogreen for the month of October.  You don’t need to play everyday {but yay you if you do!}, just when the inspiration strikes and you find yourself saying hello.

It really one of the easiest colours to find.  This literally was my day today, lots on the go as always and green everywhere!

Making Mr O’s lunch while I have my breakfast…

Noticing the {green} little things waiting for a takeaway coffee before heading to the library…

At the park…

And then the carpark…

And then the shops…

Followed by afternoon hangs {or is that hands?} with Mr O…

And finally this cool bedtime story which was sent to me by the amazing Angela at Finlee & Me.

I was so excited to receive this book because I’ve heard so many good things about it and after reading it tonight, have to say it’s all true!  Such a cool kids story and awesome for parents who not only enjoy a laugh but watching their kids imaginations go, go go!  I think we’ll be getting the crayons out this weekend for some extended play.

So, will you join me?  Buy a ticket on the green bus and join the #sayhellogreen challenge, and hopefully say hello to fun along the way? I’m looking forward to seeing your captures and will of course share some faves as the month rolls on!



4 thoughts on “Join me to say hello to green!

  1. How satisfying is it to cut open a perfect avocado? Glorious!
    Oliver Jeffers is my very fave. I’m such a big fan girl of his!


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