Don’t forget to call your mum!

Today is my mum’s birthday. ย Right now, she’s on the other side of the country on holiday, which means we’re not celebrating officially, and seeing as I don’t know the address of where she actually is and haven’t sent a card, I thought I’d say hello and wish herย a birthday this way. ย Because, technology.

She’sย actually house sitting for a friend of hers on the East Coast, near to where my sister and I grew up, and has been away for about three weeks now.

When she’s home, we’re pretty close; literally living 2km from each other, catching up at least once a week and texting often.

It’s all the important stuff: “Do you need anything from the shops?”, “Are you watching the X Factor?” she asks.ย  Or, as has becomeย a regular occurrence, she’ll message to tell me what the 9 letter word from the paper’s brain teaser section is that day…

We actually haven’t spoken so much this trip, but that’s probably because she’s off galavanting somewhere. Because, holidays.

My mum was one of the first people I told when I set up this blog. Via text. Naturally. Didn’t quite get the reaction I was hoping for…

I’m not even going to explain the miniature railway reference!

Her comment still cracks me up! Even now, two months on she still hasn’t checked it out. ย Because, well, actually,ย why is that mum?!

She’s normally pretty savvy with the internet but loathes Facebook and doesn’t really get my love affair with Instagram and so I guess might lump this in the same “too hard” basket? Nonetheless, ย I’ve called her and told her this is live, so let’s see what happens hey?ย  {Hi Mum!}

I visited this cafรฉ with Mr O to take his pic especially for his wall rocking series {it’s the Hobart St Deli in North Perth if you’re in the hood and by the way theย  coffee is amaze} but sharing this as a birthday card for my mum and a reminder for you to call yours.ย  You don’t need to talk X Factor, or buying bread and milk from the shops or even solve the brain teasers, put pick up the phone and say HELLO!

When was the last time you called your Mum?ย  Will you join me in wishing mine {her name is Linda}ย a happy birthday? Comment here on the blog or over on Facebook or on Instagram. ย I’m hoping she’ll be savvy enough to say hello back!


Ps: this pic of Mr O is perfect for my say hello to green challenge this month. Have you joined in yet? It’s so easy and the gallery is looking amazing!



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