Finding colour on the Gold Coast

I set myself a little challenge this holiday, I wanted to say hello to colour in the best possible way.

It’s all part of my little hobby to shoot {not literally!} Mr O on cool walls around town {don’t ya just love photography terms?!}

I get asked all the time “how do you find all these awesome walls?” and in all honesty it’s a strange question to me because they are simply just there.  It’s not like I set out to find them or plan my day around hunting for them, but somehow I find them or they find me.  All I know is that once I started to look they were everywhere.

So this trip, in the back of my mind was that very question.  Where can I say hello to colour?  Where are all the cool walls?  And where around here does good coffee?  Because, priorities.

I thought I’d share my top 10 fave finds here.  I found all of these while on our travels around the Gold Coast over four days.  I’ll add another post soon of the ones I’ve found around  the Sunshine Coast, so standby wallflowers!

But if you want to find colour on the Gold Coast, say hello to these… 

Wall 1: Hi!

This was a total chance find as we pulled into Coles late one night to get some supplies for our holiday {which I will admit was pancakes primarily!}.   We were in the underground car park and not a soul was around. 

It was a bit creepy but awesome at the same time because it meant I didn’t have to worry about getting run over while taking this! Because, occupational hazards

And if you missed my comments on Instagram, Mr O has his face painted here, not some terrible sunburn going on!

You can say hello, or should I say hi! at:  Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, just park near the underground Coles entrance.


Wall 2: Hello Yellow

This was actually the first wall we found, but I’m not good at maths so hence it being second here.  We found it quickly because it’s at a kids playground and, well, mum life.  

It’s actually the side of the toilet block and was a pretty quick shoot because, we be classy.

It’s at the Kurrawa Park which is an all-abilities playground and if you have kids you have to check this out.  It seriously blew my mind with it’s rad-ness.

Say hello to yellow at: Broadbeach foreshore, near the Oasis Shopping Centre.  

Wall 3:  All the words at The 4217 

This was another chance find, I stress chance because there’s no way I’d coordinate my outfit with the wall! I love this hobby but I’m not desperate. Well, not that much!

The 4217 is a little enclave of gourmet shops with a cafe, tea house, deli and sushi bar right behind me.  I wish we’d stopped for coffee as it’s away from the main busy-ness that is the Gold Coast but I could slowly feel my face turning a shade not too dissimilar to my frock so as soon as I had rocked it, I was outta there!

Say hello and stop for coffee at: 10 Beach Road, Surfers Paradise.

Wall 4: Can I live here?

I spied this floral patch as we were driving to dinner and luckily the roads were quiet as it was a very quick, “stop the car!“, merge, turn and park scenario!

This is the new Ramshackle cafe and it was unfortunately closed when we visited which was a pity because the inside looked as cool as the outside.

Say hello at 2459 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach.

Wall 5:  There’s an elk in my coffee

I visited this cafe on a recommendation, actually just for a takeaway flat white, so was pleasantly surprised to see this beauty grace the walls.  Elk Espresso is a cool little haunt, set back from the beachfront but, like most places we discovered, absolutely heaving.  I only stayed for literally two minutes because as soon as I’d ordered, turned around, taken this, my coffees were ready, my name was called and I was outta there.  Later, Elk. Outside the cafΓ© too is a cute little elk motif on a white wall.

Say hello at 16 Chelsea Avenue, Broadbeach.

Wall 6: Cool cats

Another on-our-way-to-dinner find but this time only because we were totally lost!  We pulled into a side street which led to this alley so that we could sort out our bearings and ask Dr Google where the fark we were.

I’m still not entirely sure but try saying hello, or meow, around Great Hall Drive, Miami.

Wall 7: Holy Cow

Taking time out at Ben and Jerry’s featured pretty heavily on our travels.  It was a great way to recharge the batteries and re-stock sugar levels after so much walking in the sun.  All of the stores we visited have slightly different configurations and this one was by far the best for photos.

Say hello, or moo, at: Cavill Mall, Surfers Paradise (just as you enter the Centro shops).

Wall 8: Going Geometric 

I drove past this wall at the Ocean Pacific Resort everyday during our stay because we were staying pretty much opposite, and so it was one of those “we totally have to stop there before we leave“.

And, because there’s nothing like a deadline, we pulled up literally as we checked out.  Only briefly though because the Mister had parked in a loading bay and the cop station was down the same road.

Say hello at: 25 Surf Parade, Broadbeach.


Wall{s} 9: Dreamworld

We spent a day at Dreamworld {you can totally read about it!} and pretty much hung here in the cartoon wonderland that is ABC Kids World.

Every possible inch of space is covered in colour so if you visit, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Say hello to cartoons and your childhood just off the Pacific Highway in Coomera.


Wall{s}10: Market magic

Definitely one of the best things we did on this trip was to head to the night markets at Miami Marketta.
It was a total feast for the eyes, belly and soul with art, culture, music, food and drink all thrown together in a total mish-mash.

Each area is themed and the majority of the walls have awesome stuff on them that adds to its eclectic charm.  

Because the place is so popular it’s hard to get a clear shot, unless you perhaps get there right on opening time {5pm Weds and 4pm Sat/Sun}?

Even if walls aren’t your thing, you have to visit this joint.  It’s magic!

If you find any walls on your travels be sure to tag them to #sayhellowall so I can see them.

Are you a wall lover? Do you have any cool art near where you live? I’d love to say hello! Leave me a comment here on the blog, or over on Instagram or even Facebook and happy hunting!


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