How to find and fake colour

I get asked all the time about my colourful life and I thought today I’d let you in on a little secret… often I fake it!

And if you’ll join me, I’ll show you how you can fake it too. Fellas, look away now.

In actual fact, for the past 26 days I’ve been faking it, in the best possible way of course, as part of Fat Mum Slim’s daily photo challenge, which for the month of October has seen me take and share a colourful photo of each letter of the alphabet.

Mr O has joined in the fun too because as part of this challenge, I’ve been teaching him his A,B,C’s in the coolest way using this fantastic book which was sent to me by Finlee and Me {thanks Ange!}.

The book is just perfect for little hands to hold and for little minds to grow.  Plus, if you’re a mumma like me, it makes for an awesome photo prop and feeds your creative inspiration!  #doublewin!  I’m so pleased too because the book has totally lasted this entire month and still looks brand new, which is saying something as it has had a bit lot of a workout.

So, everyday, I shared a colourful photo of this book, page by page, often with Mr O’s help.     How did I find and fake so much colour?

These are my top 5 tips:
1.  Use cool props 

As I said, I used the Alpha Block Book from Finlee and Me as inspiration and paired it with Mr O’s toys.   I mean I pick kids toys up 1,000 times a day so I may as well play with them too right?  If you don’t have kids and therefore kids toys, you can still find colour in your everyday using every items around the house. Start looking, you’ll be surprised at what awaits!

Today I’m using Mr O’s racing cars because Z is for ZOOM!

2.  Get shopping

My fave part of the fakery is these cool backgrounds.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a clean white shot as much as the next person but for this challenge I decided on a massive colour pop!  Cue quick trip to my local newsagent and jackpot.  They had heaps of colours and sizes and I opted for the biggest, which was A2, and got one in each colour of the rainbow.  The cardboard is super sturdy and if cared for correctly {I just keep mine stored flat under a bed in my spare room – essentially out of little hands reach} will last for ages {after 26 days mine is still going strong}. Ten coloured A2 sheets, set me back about $15.   While you’re there, buy a pack of Blu-Tac too.  You’ll need it later.

Money well spent I say! And huge props to the Mister for taking a pic of my props!
The higher the GSM count the better, as it means your cardboard will be stronger.
3.  Get the kids involved  

This is a biggie.  Remember that living colorfully ins’t always about what you see.  It’s about how you act, how you interact.  I try to be a good role model for my son {most of the time!} and to me that means living colorfully.  Thinking, challenging, exploring, questioning.  Being in the moment.  All the stuff that demands my attention all the time but helps Mr O’s development and even though its tiring it’s the best thing about being a mum.  I want him to look back and think he had a colourful childhood, not because of the stuff he’s seen, but because of the stuff he’s done.

As part of this monthly challenge, I asked Mr O, what starts with A, B, C… {apples, balloons and cookies for those playing at home} and then set the photo up with his help.  Every night we revisited the page from the book, I showed him the photo and we thought of some other things that started with the letter.  He has learned heaps and its been a fantastic bonding exercise for us.

N is for numbers mum!
Getting ready to style H (for hearts) and I (for icecream) while Mr O waters his strawberry plants!
4.  Get the good light!

Natural light works best for photography and when shooting with colour, that rule never rang more true.   I always shoot outside, mainly in the afternoon when the sun isn’t as strong and casting nasty shadows.  Artificial light not only gives unwanted shadows but it literally sucks the colour out too.

I took these today, both are unedited, one outside on my back deck and the other on my indoor coffee table around 6pm.

I think it’s safe to say that for this challenge, I pretty much lived outside when the light was best!

5.  Get styling!

This is the fun bit!    There’s “how to” rules all over the internet but my main advice is to go with what you think looks good.   Simple as that.  Style and creativity is so subjective and remember that you are doing this for YOU and no one else, so start by pleasing yourself first.  You will thank yourself for it later.

Oh, and remember that packet of Blu-Tac that you picked up at the newsagents?  You’ll need it to keep your props still.  Because, wind.

And finally, if you’re taking my advice and involving the kids, be quick. Because, kids.

“I’ll just take that one thank you!”
Do you have any tricks for faking colour?  Do you get your kids involved?  I’d love to say hello!  Don’t just think it… Leave me a comment here on the blog, or over on Instagram or even Facebook and happy faking, fakers!


One thought on “How to find and fake colour

  1. Well!!! Glad I only just read that, I prob would have felt a bit copycat posting mine πŸ˜‚!! Great tips Jo and I learnt something too! Blu tac is my friend. Big time, but you know?? Never thought to use it for the props just from wind πŸ™ˆ awesome tips! X


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