Green with envy 

When I said at the start of last month that green means go, I wasn’t kidding. October. Over. Already. The months are flying by. Scarily.

It’s been a fab green month over on Instagram and I’m loving how you’re embracing our colour challenge to build a virtual rainbow.

I gotta say though, some of the pics are making me green with envy at how fab they are! 


I just love the creativity and perspective of these shots. So pretty together too!  

Go say hello to the talented @englishgirl14@jenniferjoyce68@coffeepaperyarn and @stylesistertwo.


I also love the light and textures in this collection.  Go say hello to @winterwares@thisismissjanine@tess_r and @mummag70.

And I simply couldn’t resist a minimal collection with big colour pops. Go say hello to @picturingjuj@lozziechops@seona74 and @focusanddiscover.

And for providing some delicious muted elegance, go say hello to @ourbeautiful_adventure@rikki_@vanessayalopez and @kcaley1.

There were two captures this month that I just kept coming back to and wanted to share here for a solo feature.

Go say hello {again!} to @rikki_ who is a fantastic macro photographer and always brings the bling.  She is an awesome minimalist too, as you’ll see when you say hello! I mean, how amazing is this… 


And finally to @mystical_me_ for this incredibly sweet capture. Can you believe it was an accidental shot as those vines were supposed to be covered in wisteria but the season had just ended. I love it just like this! 


Thanks to everyone that joined in the #sayhellogreen fun this month and for continuing to support this challenge as we look to build our virtual rainbow. 

I’ll share November’s colour later today over on Instagram.

Here’s to a fab month of photo taking! 

Did you join in the fun in October? Wanna play in November? Don’t just think it…! Leave me a comment here on the blog, or over on Facebook or Instagram. I look forward to saying hello! 



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