Painting memories

You may recall last week that I said when Mr O is older I want him to look back and think he has had a colourful childhood; not because of the stuff he’s seen, but because of the stuff he’s done.

This week we were lucky enough to combine both when we made some cool art to keep and wear.   My friends at Blank Canvas Gifts gave me an awesome wearable art pack and we were told to basically “go crazy”.   Yes, they are my kind of people.  Being the good sort that I am, I did what I was told, with Mr O’s help of course, and it was great.

If you’re a Mum like me you will forever be saying to your kids to not make a mess and because they inevitably always do, you will inevitably always be cleaning it up.  It was actually quite liberating to say to Mr O, “yes, you can really paint on this!  REALLY!” and watch him as he understood what that meant and then just went for it.

I love combining the crazy fun with the practical {because, parenting} and this activity was perfect for both of us because Mr O was actually painting an art smock to keep him clean while he paints.  Ironic, yes!?


The smock is supplied as pure white with paints that are permanent so when it’s finished and washed, the design doesn’t budge.

I was happy for Mr O to paint whatever he wanted but decided to personalise it as I don’t have much stuff with his name on it and thought this would make a great memento.

We’ve collected quite a few of his artworks over the last three years and I don’t think I will ever tire of watching his reaction when he shows me his masterpieces.

Of course I always say “wow, that’s wonderful, I love it,” while really I’m thinking “what the hell is that?! Like REALLY what the hell is that?!”

He has become a little better but his art is abstract at best.  Just the way it should be when you’re a kid.   And I love that we now have another cool memento to remember his love of art at this age.

First things first, I grabbed the tools and got creative…

About five minutes later, we were set…

And then it was all systems go!

Canvas? Check. Paints? Check. Brushes? Check. Water? Check. Let mumma take a pic before starting officially? Check!
Because the paint is permanent, we decided to get creative outdoors and Mr O pretty much decided being practically naked was the way to go.  Luckily it’s been hot here but if its cooler, it’s best to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

The fabric is great quality but to stop the design seeping through to the back, we popped a card in between the layers which soaked up any excess paint nicely.

And then… went crazy!


Once Mr O was happy with his design, we hung it on the line and it was dry within an hour or two.

From there, I simply peeled the tape off….

And voila!

All up, including the prep and the drying time, this took about two hours.  It was a great afternoon activity.  We still have paint and glue and glitter left from the kit, so will most likely add to this again.    

It might be tricky though because Mr O hasn’t stopped wearing this since we made it!  Um, any ideas on how to get it off him?

How do you get creative with your kids? Do you personalise their stuff?   Don’t just think it…! Leave me a comment here on the blog, or over on Facebook or Instagram. I look forward to saying hello!



2 thoughts on “Painting memories

  1. Hi Jo

    Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for this. ItҀ™s really awesome Ҁ“ so well put together and it reads beautifully. CouldnҀ™t have said it better if I had of tried!

    Thank you so much for your awesome support. ItҀ™s very much appreciated.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


    PS Ҁ“ if thereҀ™s anything else you need / want for xmas gifts Ҁ“ please donҀ™t hesitate to get in touch xx

    5.BCG_Hero Logo_White on_Blue 306C BGSonia Johansen

    P: 041 77 333 57




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