Hello attitude of gratitude

Since becoming a mum I’ve become an early waker.  I’m talking between 4am and 5am.  Like wide awake.   Sure I could get up, do stuff, {because there’s always stuff right?} but I quite like just stopping for a bit, just for me.  Plus, all that stuff can wait.  It always does. Plus, bed.

I do a lot of thinking in that hour before the rest of the house wakes.  What are we doing today?  What needs to be done this week? What can I look at on my phone? Has anyone emailed overnight?  What was my fave part of yesterday?  What day is it today?  How long do I have left before Mr O walks in?  I’m kinda strange in that if my mind is racing and busy with thoughts, I actually find it calming. 

This morning was no different.  Except for the fact that it actually was.
You see I went out last night, had a few drinks at my nieces 30th, woke at 4.30am and NO HANGOVER.

It got me thinking: I am grateful. Life is good. No headache. No pressing plans for the day. Small things but important things. Grateful things.  Grateful mind.

So today I’m starting and sharing new thought process in that hour. Four things I’m grateful for from the day before.  Starting right now, because Mr O will be in here soon!

And before you ask, why four? No reason. It’s just always been my fave number:

  • Watching my son play sport and actually getting there earlier than the 9am start time. 
  • Brunching afterwards on banana bread and coffee {for me}, coconut bread and coffee {for the Mister} and pancakes and water {for Mr O}.
  • Getting my nails done after that in the hottest shade of pink possible, I think it’s actually called hot pop pink!
  • Frocking up, having a bev, a dance and a chat that night and no hangover this morning.  Happy days! A total win with kids.

I hope this inspires you to see things in your everyday that you’re grateful for. Stop and say hello to gratitude.  Four thoughts. Four minutes. What was your fave part of yesterday? 

Don’t just think it! Leave me a comment here on the blog or over on Facebook or Instagram. I’d love to say hello. 



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