Say cheese!

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with photography.  It was about three years ago, around the time I had just bought my first iPhone and found a little app called Instagram.  “Instahuh?,” I thought at the time.

I downloaded it there and then because it was that day, when my son was about 9 months old and I was hanging to get a bit of creativity back in my life, that I was to start the #fmsphotoaday challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim.  It was just before April Fool’s Day in 2013.  I know that sounds ridiculous because, surely, hadn’t I taken photos before that?  Of course I had, I mean I have the evidence of it….


Halfway up a mountain in Canada when the ground was covered in snow and my hair blonde

But, photography, I actually don’t remember ever loving it growing up.  I remember the barbie dolls, the park, the gymnastics lessons that lasted about 45 minutes before I realised “holy hell, I am stuck on this high bar and actually don’t know how to get down.”

Even as an adult, I had heaps of hobbies, mainly involving going to cafes and bars and of course shopping. Sometimes, occasionally painting, and dating men who moonlighted as idiots.

I set myself a personal challenge to complete 365 photos a day starting on that April Fool’s Day using Instagram and the #fmsphotoaday prompts as inspiration.  The irony was not lost on me, my friends, because I am the serial hobby starter/stopper, and come on, April Fool’s Day!? Over the years… tennis lessons?  Check.  Calligraphy set?  Check.  Collecting espresso cups {yes really}, check.

So, starting a new hobby on April Fool’s Day, was it to be a sign of another retired hobby, over before it really even got going?   I was quietly surprised to see it actually last three months {a new personal best}, then six, nine and the full 12 months.  Even today I’m still taking {and loving taking} photos.  I’m actually not sure why it took me so long to get there.  Insta-addicted I tell ya.

Mr O has of course has developed an interest in my hobby, starring most of the time as my little model, and also playing with a toy camera, and constantly looking at my photos.

Does anyone else get the freaks when your kids play with your phone?  For me either something I don’t want on line will inadvertently end up on line or everything will be accidentally deleted.  I’m not sure which is actually more Insta-terrifying.

So in trying to encourage his love of photography, you can imagine how excited I was then to score a hot ticket to have lunch with Olympus, Sesame Ellis and Fat Mum Slim.

It was all about passing on the love of photography to the next generation of little photographers.


Him taking a photo of me taking a photo of us!


We totally got to play with “real cameras” {I say that because all of mine are taken on my phone}, kids included.


Thank you, I’ll have that one!


And eat amazing food.  Like this, which was the kid’s dessert!  I actually had to ask the waitress if she was sure it wasn’t for me!

After a quick lesson from Sesame Ellis, aka Rachel, we got down to business.

One of my fave takeaways from the event was the quote I slightly adapted from her presentation: the quickest and easiest way to add visual interest is to still your imagery.  I love it because to me it perfectly captures what photography is all about.  Stopping still to shoot a memory.

Then it was time to play!

Mr O had a cute little leopard to use as a prop…

Oh, hey!

And got some awesome guidance from Olympus on how to shoot him…

Photo credit to @kimbo__jones

And actually took this!


Unfortunately a lot of his other shots are ones of his thumbs and worse, my boobs, so I’ll spare you those, unless of course he accidently shares!

We found a quiet patch in the shade to practice.  This is me shooting him and hearing “I just need to get the focus right“…

And the result… {luckily no boobs here!}


Two of the best things from the day {and there were many} was meeting Chantelle of course…


And catching up with old friends who had also scored a ticket and share a collective interest in wall rocking!

Thanks again for a great day guys. One of the great things about photography is that it captures a memory and of course this was one that needed to be kept.

Do you shoot your kids like me?  Are you insta-addicted?   I’d love to say hello to your experience… drop me a line here on the blog or over on Facebook or Instagram.




3 thoughts on “Say cheese!

  1. Ah I love this. I did a full year of fmsphotoaday for my 40th year…and then had them all printed into a book. A great way to capture the year.

    And you already know I’m a big fan of yours you creative colourful genius you. X

    Liked by 1 person

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