Inspiration series: Say hello to The Notorious MUM

Let me tell you about my friend Lisa. We only met for the first time a few months ago. Through work, as you do, because we’re both too old and a bit over going out to pubs and meeting that way {unless of course we’ve both had a full on day with the kids and we’re like “pop a shot of gin in that flat white, would ya?}.


Don’t let the calmness fool you… there is no gin in that takeaway cup and she is watching her kids run towards the road.

It was a Monday morning, I’d arranged the meeting and she suggested the time.  It was early. I mean, who makes a meeting for first thing Monday morning?  Lisa apparently, and me, who had obviously agreed.

I was wearing one of my fave frocks, you know to make an impression, and she was wearing… jeans.  She didn’t see me at first because her face was buried in her mobile phone as she sat in reception.

“Sorry, it’s the only time I get when I don’t have the kids,” she explained looking up as I said hi.  No explanation necessary. I liked her already.

We spoke for over an hour that first morning, both with our phones in our hands like our silent life support.  The work stuff was easy. Unexpectedly, the social stuff was easier. You know when you just click with someone?  It must’ve been the frock I tell you. Total frock envy.  And on my part, total jean envy.  Because, Monday morning.

Lisa often says “you’re my kinda people.” She also says shit and fuck and a whole heap of other stuff so it seems she’s my kinda people too.

She encouraged me to get iInto blogging. “It’s the best therapy,” she told me, and she is right. Plus, I’m loving this new lease on creative life.

So, when I decided to start a new series of saying hello to people that inspire me, who better to start with than this coffee-loving-kid-wrangling-sarcastic-giving-hilarious being?

Friends, meet Lisa.  She is owlsome*.

*Well, except for that time she tried to kill Mr O with Nutella pancakes.   Might be a bit harsh as I’m not sure he’s allergic to nuts but his Dad is anaphylactic so as a general rule I try to keep them apart.

Who are you?

I’m Lisa, The Notorious MUM.

What’s with the name?  

It was my hip-hop-loving husband’s idea. I originally called myself This Charming Mum, after The Smiths’ song, but someone over in Queensland beat me to it. So Paul came up with The Notorious M.U.M, which kinda suits, to be honest. He has his own plans to become Poof Daddy. Or Snoop Daddy Dad.

How did you get into blogging? 

I worried that I was forgetting all the funny shit my kids were doing on a daily basis. I started the blog as a diary, nothing more, and that’s still what it is, although it’s also become my therapy.

Describe yourself in three words.

  • Sweary (not SWEATY, autocorrect, you bitch)
  • Tired
  • Sarcastic

When not online where can we find you?

Running along the coast, when I can escape, or taking my three wild children on adventures around the city with chums, when I can’t.

What’s your biggest achievement?

Successfully interviewing Toadfish from Neighbours, back in the day. Hands-down biggest achievement. That and the whole baby-making thing, obvs.

What inspires you?

Other parents being honest about family life. When parents comment on my blog or my Facebook page or Instagram account about the crazy shit their kids have done, I think YES, that’s what it’s all about. If we don’t laugh, we cry.

What’s something we don’t know about you? 

I’m bad-ass shy. Please don’t engage me in a one-on-one conversation or – for the love of all things right and holy – phone me.

Secret indulgence? 

Cronuts. Fucking cronuts. Don’t google the calorie count.

Fave thing about your city {Perth}?

I grew up thinking that Perth was the most ridiculously backwards city on earth, and ran off to London when I was 19. Now I ADORE it, for the coastline and the cafes and the babysitting.

Most embarrassing moment?

Catching my son’s poo in the park? Chasing my naked daughter around a crowded park? Trying to button up my button-down dress after my daughter exposed me to Christmas shoppers? Losing my knickers in a body attack class? Where do I START?

Finish this: My perfect day looks like…

Sleeping. So much sleeping. And a run. Then breakfast with my lovely husband. A breakfast that is mine, all mine, with no little fingers stealing my sausages. Then the beach, with or without kids. Then booze. Then more sleep. You will arrange this, yes?

Finish this: in 2016 I want to say hello to… 

Calm blue oceans. Next year is the year I stop shouting. I might even stop swearing. I’m going to be peaceful, serene mama. Okay?

Go say hello to Lisa over at her blog or on Instagram or Facebook.  Just offer a flat white, plus gin, plus babysitting duties and she’ll welcome you lovingly.

Is Lisa your kind of people?  Who inspires you?  I’d love to say hello.  Leave me a comment here or over on Facebook or Instagram.



This post first appeared on Say Hello Jo.

One thought on “Inspiration series: Say hello to The Notorious MUM

  1. I LOVE Her. You mentioned her probs after you met her the first time. On IG. And I took a look, cause, well you’re always good with steering peeps in the right direction. She’s fab and love seeing her IG posts. I’ve only read one or two blog posts and now I feel bad so I’m going over to follow. Great interview!!!!!


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