A purr-fect ending

They say the early bird catches the worm but, if you live in our neck of the woods, it appears you catch a cat.  And by cat I mean kitten, and when I say my neck of the woods, it’s actually a suburb {we don’t live in a forest} and when I say they, well, just who are they really?

I think most of you know the back story already but just to recap: it was 5am and I could hear something strange outside.  It wasn’t the birds, it wasn’t the sprinklers and it wasn’t next door’s washing machine {yes they are early risers too and see, told ya I don’t live in the woods}.

It was this!

It was so small, it hadn’t quite mastered its meow.  So the noise I could hear was indeed the cat’s cries but it was more like a little yelp.
We took it inside around 7am {the poor thing was shaking like a leaf}, and later that morning to the vet.  Other than being scared, it was in good health, about 5 weeks old and most likely a stray.  I was also told it was a he {but they weren’t sure – you can’t really tell the sex of a cat until closer to 10 weeks apparently} and because it had two different coloured eyes {one blue, one green} it could be deaf.

I was out for most of the day and so left it inside a big plastic tub with towels and food {that I bought especially after leaving the vet… Did you know you can totally buy kitten milk in cartons, like that’s actually a thing!?}.   It had eaten and seemed like it was starting to feel safe.  I was happy.

Well, happy but conflicted.  Conflicted because, what do we do with him?  Should we keep him?  Where’s his Mum… His Cat Mum and Human Mum?  Should we keep him?

It’s been years since I owned a pet.  I mean, sure, I had them growing up – dogs, cats, guinea pigs, budgies and fish – but as an adult the closest thing I’ve had for the last 3 years has been Mr O!

I decided it was best to let the universe decide whether we should keep him or not.  And, of course, asked social media too. #natch!

You all said a resounding YES {yay!} and the universe was on my side too, but for a while also had other ideas.

You see, it delivered another little kitten to us that same day, this time a black one, which was probably in the garden the entire time but just took us a little longer to find.  Yes, we had TWO.  I literally was having kittens at the prospect of having kittens.

The black one was the polar opposite to the white one and not just in looks.  So wild.  I know it doesn’t show it here but it was ALL CLAWS and scary cat face. Ok, and a little bit of cute. It was a bit bigger than the white one and seemed more advanced overall, which made me think the white was perhaps the runt of the litter?

And then the universe brought Mum back.  She wasn’t happy.

What happened next played out over about 6 hours, ending just before midnight.   It involved us putting the kittens back in the garden and a lot of “here, puss puss” but, in the end, the Mum only took the black one.

We stood outside watching and waiting {and waiting and waiting} to see if she’d come back for the white one.  By this time it had sought refuge behind our wall and neighbour’s fence.

She never came back.   And hasn’t been back since.

I had a lot of you tell me that pets choose their owners and I honestly believe that now to be true.  There was a reason that little ball of fluff found its way into our garden this week and there was a reason it’s Mum decided to leave him with us.

He is still a little timid but will now come to me when I put my hand out or call him {so I think his hearing is ok} and will spend a lot of time on my shoulder, a bit like a confused parrot.  Perfect for our family! 

When he isn’t hiding behind the couch he is sleeping in a bed we bought him and playing with some toys we also bought.  He’s also perfected his meow which I think roughly translates to “more food please”.

He is teaching us about patience and love and trust all over again.  It seems Christmas started early in our house.


So, his name. Oh the pressure of a name! Aqua, Patches, Smudge, Hero, Pirate, Dudley, James Bond, Captain Jack, Major Tom, Felix, Jasper, Bailey. So many suggestions!  Thank you to everyone for showing this guy so much love! 

We loved that Bowie was suggested in tribute to his mis-matched eyes. So much so we used it as inspiration.  So friends, meet ZIGGY.  We sometimes call him by his full name Ziggy Stardust because we like to think he came from the heavens! 


You’ll be seeing a lot of him!

As someone posted on my Facebook page last night, “just think of all the photo opps you will have!”
Yes.  It has already started.

 Do you have pets?  A kitten?  What are their names? I’d love to say hello.  Leave me a comment here on the blog or over on Facebook or Instagram.





7 thoughts on “A purr-fect ending

  1. LOL – can’t believe that you ended up keeping the kitten. What a saga! Shame that the mum didn’t want him. I wonder where the mum and other kitten are – hopefully they are okay too. At least ‘Ziggy’ has a wonderful new home and will be forever looked after πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh that’s such an adorable little story! My husband and I adopted a cat a few years ago. A bunch of kittens showed up on my friends farm and we decided to keep one. He is all white and his name is Honey Boo Boo (we actually thought he was a girl when we first got him) but we just call him Boo Boo now. We also have another little cat about a year older named Snooki! She is tiny and brown/orange.

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