Read me a story?

It’s hard to not be a little reflective at this time of year right?  There’s something about Christmas and those end of the year vibes and then the promises that the New Year brings.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot this week as we said goodbye to one of Mr O’s fave teachers, Francine.  Not goodbye forever, it’s not like she’s leaving, in fact she told me on Thursday she’s been teaching for close to 20 years, so I think it’s ingrained in her!

We’ve been doing a casual reading and craft class with Francine at our local library every Thursday for most of this year.   Mr O loves reading and, like any parent, I love indulging his loves.

It was a godsend when I first discovered it.   The place is alive with colour and heaps of opportunities for kids to learn, not to mention great photo backdrops for me to indulge my daily habit!  I mean, hello outside wall…

And inside too…!

Now, if you’ve been reading here for a while you will know that one of Mr O’s loves is fire engines.   I can guarantee that if there is a book on firemen or emergencies I have most likely read it {more than 300 times!} including all of the ones from our local library.

It became such a running joke that Francine even changed the words to the Wheels on the Bus during the class one Thursday to say there was a fireman on the bus.  At first the parents looked at me a bit like “there’s a what?” but week on week they too joined in with us in spraying water over the rest of the class.  How cool is that!?


I remember when I was young I had a couple of fave teachers.  Mrs Best {yes, her real name!} in year 3 and Mr Hanrahan in Year 7.  My high school year coordinator too, Mr Van der Linden was also awesome.   I even toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher when I was thinking about what to study at uni.  I never did but always admired those who did and still do.  It’s been awesome discovering new teachers as a parent because it makes me realise, as an adult, how great there are.  And how important it is to say thank you.  And especially to the ones who answer “yes” when the question is “Read me a story?“.

So, Francine, she’s one of the great ones.  It’s actually us that’s leaving her {but not in that weird “it’s not you, it’s me,” kinda way} but because Mr O is off to kindy in February {which is all at once exciting/daunting/upsetting/freaking me out} and we can’t make her classes.  I tell ya, this kid’s timetable is busier than mine!

So I wanted to send a little thank you to Francine this week and decided a personalised cookie from the very fab Love Bites Cookies was just the ticket.

Both the apple and note are totally edible and the perfect sweet treat to say thanks to someone who has had such an sweet influence on Mr O this year.

Did you have a fave teacher growing up?  Or do your kids love theirs now?  I’d love to say hello to your experiences!  Let me know by leaving a comment here on the blog or over on Facebook or Instagram.





2 thoughts on “Read me a story?

  1. What a lovely post Jo! I’m a teacher and have been for 10 years and it’s so nice to be appreciated. I teach 5 year olds in their first year of school and I tell you it takes a lot of patience!
    I really looked up to my dance teacher over my high school and Uni years, I mean I idolised her. She was my favourite person, and we still catch up from time to time.
    Hopefully Mr O builds a lovel bond with his new kindy teachers next year. Kindy is a really special time – it’s the only year they get and its all about PLAY before they have 13 years of formal schooling. So enjoy it!!
    Merry Xmas xx

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