Summer essentials: giant inflatable rainbow balls

You know, one of my fave quotes is everything happens for a reason. I have always believed that to be very true.  

And often, at the time, I find I don’t actually know what the reason is at that very moment but then, at some point down the track, it all just clicks and totally makes sense. 

That happened to me these holidays.  The moment that it clicked, that is.  The bit about it happening for a reason started last week.

I was at my work Christmas party. It was a beach party, in a restaurant but on the beach, naturally, and on a Friday afternoon. I spent most of my time on the dance floor with a fantastic DJ and an awesome set of balls.  Not his, I should point out.

These ones…


The party had about 10 massive inflatable rainbow beach balls and another set of smaller ones.   Balls, everywhere!  They were props for the beach theme but ended up on the dance floor being thrown around by anyone who happened to find themselves underneath.  It was a bit like the Robbie Williams concert, but minus Robbie and his balls. 

What it was though, was windy. And inevitably the balls were getting hit and carried in the wind only to be stuck up in the trees or one, over the restaurant’s fence. Everything happens for a reason

Fast forward a couple of hours, the music stopped, last drinks were called, goodbyes were had and the Mister was picking me up.  The way we drove out of the carpark was a bit of a maze with so many cars and people, so we found ourselves in a funny detour to escape the frenzy. 

It was then, at that very moment, that my everything happens for a reason mantra began.

I don’t know if it was the adrenalin from the party {I know it wasn’t the booze because I only had two drinks all afternoon} but I was on a mission. 

Stop the car!” I yelled at the Mister and he did, probably thinking we were about to run over someone or something.

There! The ball!”  I was pointing. He was looking. Not for the ball, more like… perplexed.

But sure enough, the ball that had flown over the fence from the dance floor had blown about 200m from the party and was stuck in the sand dunes.   Everything happens for a reason.

You’re coming with me,” I said and promptly picked it up and held it above my head and did a little dance while the Mister {and Mr O who was in the back seat} watched from the car and probably thought my two drinks really meant two bottles.

It was a spur of the moment thing, grabbing it and shoving it in the back of the car {awkwardly}, but I think at the time I thought Mr O would get a kick out of playing with it.

Which brings us to the reason for that randomness, which happened overnight.

We went to the beach to seek refuge from the scorcher that had shaped most of the afternoon and spent three hours there. Swimming, eating, drinking, and, as the sun set, playing with the ball. 

It was magic, and huge, and as the sun went down it was a tad breezy which meant with a massive coloured inflatable ball, a little stressful and funny, but mostly magic. And certainly perfect for making memories. 

We got a few looks from others who were there, fisherman, couples, people playing with their dogs, other families, people just like us {but without a massive ball in tow} but they were there for the sunset rather than our antics.

But, who knows? They too might believe everything happens for a reason.   There was a reason that they saw us last night, running after the ball and stopping for photos. I hope, for them, that reading this post has helped make everything click.  And, if you didn’t see us last night but enjoyed this, I hope you find your own inflatable rainbow ball in your sand dunes, or at least keep looking for it.  Everything happens for a reason.

I’ll be sharing some of my faves on my Instagram, but a few outtakes are here…




What’s your fave quote? Or your fave thing to do at the beach? I love reading your comments {and knowing you’ve taken the time to leave one} so please drop me a line here on the blog or on Facebook or Instagram.



3 thoughts on “Summer essentials: giant inflatable rainbow balls

  1. Awh! I just love that story. The sky, the big ball, and the little boy made this post picture perfect! I truly believe everything happens or doesn’t happen for a reason. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures on IG!


  2. Hey Jo
    Just wanted to say I totally agree with your mantra “everything happens for a reason” that so happens to be mine too, along with “what will be will be” haha also wanted to say I love your blog and your pics, your an absolute treat and very inspirational 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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