Hello Penguin Island  

So these holidays for the first time in what feels like forever we haven’t gone away.

It feels kinda weird actually. We’ve become one of those families that’s had a staycation, I say that reluctantly because I hate those morphed words.  I mean you’re staying put or it’s a vacation, right? Worse is chillax, which to me just sounds painful, and then of course there’s hipster which I think is when you’re simultaneously hip and a trendsetter?  Often with a beard apparently, and tight pants.

Anyway, back to our staycation.  It’s been great to explore our backyard these holidays, and this week we popped over to Penguin Island or, for the cool hipsters reading this in their tight pants, P-Isle. 

While we didn’t see hipsters, we did see lots of other cool stuff. The island is full of birds {2,000 little penguins to be exact plus heaps of other species} plus dolphins {we saw 20} and sea lions {there are 10 that live there}.

The day was quite overcast but still super hot and while the sun didn’t come out to properly play till late in the day, we enjoyed a swim and an explore before heading back to mainland.

Top 3 to do:

  • Visit the Discovery Centre and see the penguins close up… like this close… 


    And get hands on with some pretty cool sea finds… 


    • Take a dip, a paddle or a boat cruise, even on an overcast day the water was magic and on a fine day you can see right through the bay under turquoise waters. 



    • Explore! There are boardwalks like this all over the island…

    But watch out… birds everywhere! 

    There’s something about going to an island where there’s no mod cons. No cafe, pretty basic toilets, no internet and no stress.  It’s the perfect spot for a boot camp for those looking to break their technology habit, or escape from hipsters.  

    It was refreshing actually.  The only time I got my phone out was to take a few snaps.  The island being so basic and full of neutral colours made for a challenging but fun photo subject too…


    That’s a dolphin fin there, not a shark!





    What’s been the best thing you’ve done these holidays?



    4 thoughts on “Hello Penguin Island  

    1. Love your post Jo, it’s on my to do list and this post has certainly inspired me. Love your snaps especially the wet footprints on the boardwalk. Thanks to Instagram for the connection.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello! Thank you for your lovely words! I’ve only just seen this, so sorry for the delay in replying! Your comment has reminded me I need to go back there before it gets too cold! Have a fab long weekend!


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