Finding colour this Australia Day


Now, with Australia Day just around the corner, I wanted to clarify: I’m an Aussie through and through. Grew up on Vegemite on toast, snags on the barbie, zinc on the nose, fish and chips on the beach, lamingtons for morning tea and pavlovas at Christmas.  I’ve driven across the Nullabor, climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge {twice!}, fed kangaroos, snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef and seen Uluru at sunrise.  Heck, I even think I even voted for Shannon Noll to win Australian Idol a few years back.  

I’m excited to pass my love of my country to Mr O too; he’s certainly got the Vegemite thing sorted; he’d eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let him!

So, it goes without saying that Australia Day has always been super fun for me.  

For as long as I’ve known the Mister, which is close to 10 years now, we’ve gone away for the long weekend with a bunch of friends. He plays golf with his mates {there’s a trophy, it’s all very serious} and us girls generally sit by the pool, reading, gossiping and wine-ing {not whining, but most certainly winning}.

Now that we’ve got kids, things are a bit more casual and, as we’re older, it’s less about the fireworks and the “Oi, Oi, Oi” and more about just appreciating our lucky country and catching up.

Entertaining for me needs to be easy and while I love colour, I don’t want my house to look like the Australian flag has vomited everywhere. Mates, you’re with me yeah?

That’s why the new Australia Day range at Target is awesome, it’s summery and definitely screams Australian but not a flag in sight!  I got my shop on the other week and have been using some of my pieces already and will be long after too, because, hello pineapple!!


I’ve shared some of my faves from the collection here, all are available from Target and are just delicious!


You can find them here:

  1. Tropicana Watermelon Serving Bowl 
  2. Carnival beach umbrella
  3. Hanoi bowl
  4. Curly straw tumbler {so awesome for kids!}
  5. Capri large beach mat
  6. Tropicana lemon serving platter
  7. Acrylic tumbler
  8. Capri melamine platter
  9. Capri cooler

And, did I mention, hello pineapple?! πŸ˜ƒ

Aussie mates, what are you up to this Australia Day?  Drop me a line here on the blog or over on Instagram or Facebook. I’d love to say G’day!

This post is sponsored by Target but all opinions are my own


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