What if…

I’m sharing a little personal insight into my last fortnight today.  When I’m not blogging, or photo taking or kid wrangling I think my world is pretty normal.  Probably very much like yours, whatever part of the world you might find yourself reading this.

Let me just say straight up that it’s a great life and I feel pretty fortunate to live it.  But this post isn’t about that.  It’s about kindness and just being, well, nice.  Doing away with the unnecessary BS that seems to have somehow crept into the world of late.    And I’m not talking about the bad stuff you see on the news.  The stories and themes covered there don’t deserve any more air time.

I’m talking about the everyday negativity and our propensity to tolerate it.  The bullsh*t from everyday people.  Normal people, or what I thought were normal people before they suddenly and unexpectedly morphed into people that felt it necessary to spread their BS.   I’m here to tell those people one thing:  it’s unnecessary.

In the last fortnight I have been yelled at in Coles by the lady in front of me {loudly and for TEN MINUTES} for putting my groceries on the conveyor belt thingy while she was still paying.  Sorry, have I been doing that wrong all my life?  I just stood there silently, staring, and apologised in shock {because did I really do anything wrong?} and then listened to the check out girl apologise to me {after the lady left} which I thought was a little ironic considering it wasn’t even her fault at all.

And then there was the time I found myself sandwiched between two Dads and their kids as we all lined up to go on a giant inflatable slide at a free community fair last Sunday.   The kids ran through the gate together when finally, after about 20 minutes, we all got to the front.  One Dad accused the other of pushing in, the other Dad took offence and pushed him, which made the other push back and me and Mr O kind of duck for cover, not even making it near the slide, let alone going down it.  I did say we were all at a FREE community fair right?

And then the lady at one of my regular coffee shop haunts who yelled and simultaneously pointed “none of that one shot business” referring to her obviously double shot flat white, as she pushed to the front of the queue and had a go at the girl serving who didn’t realise she was in line because, well, she was actually outside putting her bag on the table. I mean, I know we all need coffee, but… really?

And don’t even get me started on those people who, when driving, don’t bother to acknowledge with a friendly wave when you let them in.  What’s up with that?  I always do that but somehow lately just don’t get the kindness vibe back.

It got me thinking, what if?  What if the lady at Coles had had a better morning and didn’t go off her trolley {literally!}, what if those two Dads could appreciate the moment of enjoying a free community fair and the simple joy on their kids faces as they rode that slide, what if that lady at the coffee shop hadn’t pushed in, given the girl at the counter a roasting and leaving us all with a sour taste in our mouths as we waited to order.

And then my “what if” changed to “what can I do”?  I don’t profess to have all the answers and my ideas might not even be right but I do have something.  A start. I’ll share more in a separate post this week and hope you’ll join me on this crazy adventure to share a little happy.

Have you experienced any crazy stuff lately?  Drop me a line here or on Facebook or Instagram.  I’d love to say hello.



18 thoughts on “What if…

  1. Oh yes. I hear you. I am constantly astounded by how many people out there are miserable and dumping that misery on poor, innocent bystanders!!!! Gosh, it’s like toxic slime! I ultimately feel sorry for them that they make the choice every single day to poison themselves and others with such bitterness and negativity. Because ultimately, it is a choice.
    Let’s make a choice to never be those people! xo

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  2. I had a lady bang her pram into me and her hot coffee fell out and landed on my leg. She didn’t even apologise it was like it was my fault for spilling her coffee! Anyway I was not burnt so I just carried on with my day!

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  3. Yes unfortunately it seems common decency isn’t all that common anymore. It’s sad that such little acts of kindness like lifting a hand to say thanks when you let someone in( this irks me soooo much too!) doesn’t happen more often. I’m sure the world would be a happier place if people practiced being kind to one another more often throughout their day.


  4. Geez! People really astound me! I got abused in traffic twice by two different people within the space of 10 minutes on my way home one Friday night recently – just because I was doing the speed limit – 70km in a 70km zone!

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  5. It can ruin your whole day for sure Jo. Last week at pump class I wondered why I didn’t feel as good as I normally do afterwards. It was because some mean woman wasn’t prepared to share her weight bars – when the class was full and didn’t have enough for people to have 2 each. She just looked at me. Lucky the lady next to her did but she joked it would cost me. To which I smiled and replied “I don’t fkn think so!” and sashayed back to my spot! What is wrong with people!!!!

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  6. Oh Jo, there are so many impatient, stressed out people in this world dumping their shit on others. I think it’s a result of our lives just being crazy busy, and people just don’t know how to deal with it. If only everyone just slowed down and appreciated the little things, people would be a lot happier! I can’t believe two dads pushed each other, over a line to go down a slide!!!!

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  7. My mum taught me when you see that kind of “bad behaviour” to breath in and say in the kindest possible voice… “having a bad day? It will pass” When l ever have the guts to do that it really takes the sting out of whole situation. Nice work sayhellojo… and just for the record l ALWAYS give a curtesy wave while driving… and smile… and hope like hell they cant lip read πŸ™‚

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