10 ways to get 10k steps a day 


Hope you’ve had a fab week. If you’ve been looking for me, chances are you’d find me out in the garden, pacing, repeatedly, in circles, at about 10.47pm, most nights this week anyway.

You see, it’s been a week since I got my fab new fit bit and, you know, I gotta get my steps up!

I’m a little late to the fit bit party and the whole 10,000 steps a day thing but it’s definitely grabbed me, well, when I’ve been still long enough to grab!  

I seriously cannot believe how motivating it is to wear a fit bit and see five little dots flashing on my wrist knowing that each one represents 2,000 steps and I’ve met my goal.  Addicted, I tell ya. 10,000 kinds of addicted!

On Monday I’m stepping things up even more by joining the  City of Perth Activity Challenge which will see me and a heap of others aim to do 10,000 steps every day for 12 weeks.  That’s 840,000 steps over the next 84 days.  Holy garden pacing Batman.

Some of you told me it’d be easy, some of you said it would be hard. And in just a week I’ve seen it from both sides. On the days I don’t work I think I’ll smash it {hello running after a toddler!} but the days when I’m in the office, I’ll struggle and will be back outside saying hello to the garden! 

My work is very much about writing and researching so I’m a bit of a slave to the computer and when I do walk around the office it’s mainly to the printer or the loo.   In just a week, it’s been a real eye opener to see just how sedentary my type of work is, so I’m using the flashing lights on my fit bit as motivation to get up and move.

I imagine my time too is much like yours: poor. So much of everything needs to be done so much of the time and ALL. OF. THE. TIME. 

So today I’m sharing how I’m gonna kick the 10,000 steps a day’s butt by incorporating little strategies into my everyday which over time will add up to something big.

Thank you to everyone that sent tips, I’m totally pumped about them and have included some here. 

From today I will be:

  1. Parking further away from the entrance to the shops and the office and the cafe where I get my coffee each morning.
  2. Pacing out the front of said cafe while my brew is being made {seriously that’s 300-500 steps right there!}
  3. Walking on my lunch break or around the streets after work.
  4. Walking Mr O to and from school {we live close and that’s an easy 2,000}.
  5. Bringing the grocery shopping inside one bag at a time.
  6. Dancing in the kitchen while dinner cooks {quite possibly the best suggestion sent in! How fun!}
  7. Checking social media while I walk around the house {normally I do that in bed before anyone else wakes or in the kitchen while dinner cooks… I wonder if I can do that while dancing?!}
  8. Taking the stairs over the lift or escalator.
  9. Walking around the playground while Mr O plays and around the oval during his Saturday sports practice instead of sitting and watching.

And when all that still finds me chasing that last elusive flashing dot, I’ll be pacing in my backyard or around the house!

Please come say hello won’t you?

Do you wear a fit bit? What’s your tips on getting the recommended 10,000 steps a day? 

Drop me a line here or over on Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to say hello! 



2 thoughts on “10 ways to get 10k steps a day 

  1. Yay! Welcome to the fitbit craze! The City of Perth Activity Challenge sounds fascinating!
    I definitely believe in the music while cooking/cleaning thing – it ups my heart rate and I move so much more!
    I also think it’s great when I can get a work out in nice and early in the day. It makes the obstacle of trying to reach 10,000 seem so much smaller if I’ve already knocked off at least 3000 steps before lunch time! I try to be kind to myself and as long as my weekly total averages at least 70,000 I am happy. It’s been a while since I’ve achieved it (I am one stir crazy mama recovering from weeks of colds in my house) but I’m excited to get moving again!

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