The best rainbow walls in Perth

Hello colour lovers!

I’m taking you on an adventure today. You’ll definitely need your camera and most likely your sunnies too. Things are gonna get a bit lot bright.

We’re hunting colour in the form of the best street art in Perth and what better way to start this series than kicking off with the brightest walls in town: rainbows!  Get ready, there’s so many opportunities to find your pot of gold!

All of these rainbow walls are within just a few kilometres of each other so if you REALLY wanted to you could visit all of them in a single day.  But, half the fun with a wall hunting mission –  I think – is to make it part of a broader adventure and seek out other pockets of the community at the same time {hello, new coffee shop!}.

Before I share my faves, I wanted to say that I’m not usually one for rules, but when it comes to photography and walls there are a couple of things I like to abide by.  I shared these first on Fat Mum Slim’s blog but just to re-cap:

  • Look out for the sun and try to shoot in the shade:  Shadows and walls are just not great friends.  Overcast days are perfect because the light is great but the shadows aren’t there to detract from the art.  Let the art on the wall shine by itself.
  • Stand “square on”:  The best wall shots are captured when you’re perfectly parallel to the wall.  The art will be balanced but so will the viewer’s eye because they won’t be looking at things on an angle.
  • Use a prop to show scale:  Most of the walls here are massive but unless you have something to compare, the viewer won’t get a true reflection in your photo.  I use Mr O as my willing wallflower but if you don’t have little ones, look for a bike, a pole or include some of the ground so that people can relate to the scale {plus, including the ground in the frame means that you’ve got more chance to get the “square on” alignment right too}.
  • Watch out: most of the art is near busy roads or laneways so keep an eye out for cars.   I find too that it pays to have good shoes on when exploring as there is often broken glass or rubbish to navigate, particularly when seeking those walls in quieter parts of Perth.

So, sunglasses on?  Camera charged?  Hold on tight and let’s go!

Rainbow wall 1

This is my go-to wall when I need a quick colour pop in my gallery and because it’s on a hill, you can literally climb a rainbow!  Colour and coolness!

Say hello at: Lucky 9 florist/convenience store, 527 Beaufort Street, Highgate {opposite the Queens Hotel}.

Rainbow wall 2

Painted by Jerome at Blank Walls, {and a fun example of trying to make a little bit of shadow bombing work!} this is the old Beaurepaires building in Subiaco.  Parking is tricky so it’s best to park on Olive Street and walk around the corner.  The building is actually twice as long as shown here but to get that shot you’d need to find a break in traffic as you’ll be standing in the middle of the {busy} road!

Say hello at: 269 Hay Street, Subiaco.

Rainbow wall 3

About a five minute drive from wall 1 is this little find which is actually a paint shop.  Again, it’s on a busy road, so parking on Seventh Avenue is the safest bet.

Say hello at: Bonanza Paint Place, 845 Beaufort Street, Inglewood.

Rainbow wall 4

This beauty by Anya Brock stops me in my tracks every time.  It’s actually in a locked car park so it’s best to visit mid-week when the office workers will let you in the gate!  Again, parking is tricky here so it’s best to hunt for this one on foot after parking in one of the many city bays.

Say hello at:  Wolf Lane, 321 Murray Street, Perth (near King Street end).

Rainbow wall 5

While you’re in Wolf Lane you can’t miss this piece by UK artist Maya Hayuk.  It has to be the biggest piece in Perth {this here shows about 2/3 of it}   I have no words for this one other than: GO VISIT.

Say hello at:  Wolf Lane, 321 Murray Street, Perth (near Murray Street end).

Rainbow wall 6

While you’re in the city, go hunting for this piece which is actually a collection of squares in the shape of an arrow.  Being in a shopping centre near the food court, it’s a main thoroughfare for city workers so getting a shot without photobombers means you have to get your timing right!

Say hello at:  Raine Square (lower floor near the lifts), enter via William Street {opposite Jamie’s Italian}, Perth.

Rainbow wall 7

Oh.My. Rainbow. This building is quite possibly the brightest street corner in Perth.   It’s also one of the busiest, so if planning a visit and a photo shoot, make sure you’re  prepared for the obligatory “hoot” from the passing cars!

It’s the Telstra Exchange building and was recently painted by Leanne Bray.  The building is seriously massive {this photo shows about a quarter of it} so get creative, get snapping and say hello to a colour explosion.

Say hello at: 1331 Albany Highway, Cannington {opposite the Police Station}.

Rainbow wall 8

This one is proof that walls aren’t always walls because this is actually a painted shipping container!  If you’ve got kids, go hunting and be prepared to play because it’s located within the fantastic Esplanade Youth Plaza.  Again, its a bit of a people magnet so be prepared to wait a little bit if you want to get a clean shot.

Say hello at: Esplanade Youth Plaza, south eastern corner of the Esplanade Reserve, Fremantle.

Rainbow wall 9

If you’re a colour lover and coffee lover, like me, this place is a must visit!  It’s one of my fave cafes in Perth, not the least because of these colourful guys.  The zebras are by Anya Brock and are named after the cafΓ©:  Ootong and Lincoln, although I’m not sure which one is which!

Say hello at: Ootong & Lincoln, 258 South Terrace, Fremantle.

Rainbow wall 10

A short stroll from Ootong & Lincoln is this eclectic creation on the side of one of Freo’s most colourful shops.  This mural is really difficult to shoot as it is high up from the ground and there is a lot of street signage, plus to get a decent shot you’re practically standing on the road!  Go and have fun and see what you can create!  It’s not everyday you see a gold-chain-wearing chicken right!?

Say hello at: The Corner Store, 147 South Terrace, Fremantle.


Rainbow wall 11

You can’t quite see it in this pic but Mr O’s t-shirt says AWESOME which a pretty accurate description for this place! Next time you’re over Subi way, go hunting! This amazing piece is by @wellshaken and is in a rear lane way so parking is a cinch. 

Say hello at: Meeka Restaurant {rear}, 361 Rokeby Road, Subiaco.

One thing I know for sure is that Perth street art is ever evolving so when I find another rainbow I will add it here and share on my Instagram too, to help with your search.

When you do go hunting on your own wall rocking mission, please share your captures to #sayhellowall so that I can see them.  Of course, there is a high chance I will see you out and about; I hang around these colourful parts of town a lot!

Do you have a fave rainbow wall? Or do you know one that should be added to this list?

Drop me a line here or over on Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to say hello!






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