An open letter to strangers   

Today I’m writing an open letter to all the strangers. Specifically the chocolate strangers. You know, those people that think it’s ok, because it’s Easter I guess, to give you or worse, your kid, chocolate – without asking – on the street.

I mean really: WHAT’S. UP. WITH. THAT?  

Am I overreacting or does that just smack of all sorts of crazy ass weird? 

Because other than people that I actually know, the only other person allowed to give my son chocolate {or any food for that matter} is no one.  This weekend I’ve allowed a special exemption for the Easter bunny.  And that’s only because she earned it. I know from bitter personal experience that Mrs Bunny was traipsing around my garden at 5am dropping off eggs in a flurry in nothing but her underwear today, so yes we shall smile at that memory and indulge on her behalf. 

Point being, if you’re not sporting a fluffy tail in my backyard and we’re not actual friends, I got two words for you: hop off. 

Lemme tell ya why. 

We got this in the mail on Saturday afternoon, the hubs walked in with it after finding it in the letterbox.


My immediate thought {after Jesus loves me and that he also shops at Coles – who knew – and how come I’ve never seen him there, I’m there ALL THE TIME?} was that I ain’t eating that chocolate, my son ain’t eating that chocolate and my hubs ain’t eating that chocolate.  I don’t care if it came from the big holy man himself and is the most heavenly tasting chocolate in the universe, it don’t belong in my house.  Because, hello stranger and hello stranger chocolate.  Plus stranger with dodgy handwriting patrolling the neighbourhood. 

It was like that time last Easter when we found ourselves at a park and a heap of chocolate eggs had been hidden in the grass and under the trees.  I didn’t see them at first but when I realised, I actually thought we’d inadvertently sat in the middle of some massive family gathering. It was a tad strange though because no one was hunting. 

I scanned the park and my eyes settled on a couple, in their mid to late 30s, who sat silently watching everyone. The hiders. They’d hidden the eggs hoping that we’d think it was the Easter bunny or the kids would get excited at the discovery.

Cue awkwardness because it turned out the other parents were like me, collectively thinking we ain’t eating no stranger chocolate either. Just like I ain’t eating Jesus’s holy chocolate eggs this weekend.

And then that time at the zoo with my sister and her kids and when we stopped for ice cream my niece {who is four} said to the 20-something lady sat next to us that her ice cream looked nice.

It IS nice,” she replied before extending her arm and offering her a bite, which she readily accepted because she’s four!

My sis and I were a little mortified at that exchange, one at how my niece was so brazen but also what the hell was that lady thinking?  

And then the time when Mr O and I stopped to watch a real fire engine crew put out an actual fire at a house the next suburb over from us. An older lady walked over, asked if Mr O liked chocolate and proceeded to give me some to give to him. Floored. Me and where that choc ended up.

So chocolate {and ice cream} strangers, let me say to you, anything you give me to give to my son is going straight in the bin.  Yes, even you Jesus.  Sorry. Just don’t do it. You’re wasting your money and your time.   I’m sure it’s meant with the best intentions and growing up I’m sure I used to eat it but things seem different now in the world and unfortunately feasting on caution seems to be favoured over feasting on chocolate.   Or is that just me?

What’s your take? Would you take food from a stranger for you, or your kid?  Drop me a line, here on the blog or over at Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to say hello.



6 thoughts on “An open letter to strangers   

  1. At first I was like, what’s wrong with a bit of generosity? But then I read on and thought, yeah, that kind of stranger chocolate is not really something I’m down for!!!!!
    I am sure people mean well, but these days we sadly have to be more cautious. Not to mention, we talk about not taking sweets from strangers (why I’m not a fan of trick or treating at Halloween) – a special occasion shouldn’t suddenly cancel that precaution out!
    Also, Jesus eggs? I’d balk just because I don’t like people putting their religion on me!

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  2. I think it’s lovely, people being generous and community spirited, seems a shame to slam it so hard! I think we all need more trust for each other, suspicion doesn’t lead to positivity and it’s really very unlikely that anyone would bother to poison an Easter egg 😉 x


    1. I’m super positive and all for better relationships but draw the line at accepting food from strangers. I wouldn’t do it to another person’s kid it so don’t appreciate it when it’s offered to mine, but, yes, each to their own. People’s differences are what makes the world go round after all.


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