No phone zone 

So, for the last few days I’ve found myself smack bang in the middle of a no-phone zone.

What’s that you say?

Self imposed, for the good, and all that?

Hell no. I smashed it while cooking dinner.  Not in the dinner, but smashed all the same.  It was just a light knock off the kitchen bench as I turned around but it turns out a little knock makes quite the thud when you have floorboards and the phone falls face down. 

I was, funnily enough, actually pretty ok with it.  Picked it up, saw the damage (um, A LOT) and put it back on the bench before carrying on cooking. Roast potatoes wait for no one.

I’ve had this particular phone repaired twice before and the current screen right before this latest shattering had actually been cracked for months so this was kinda the next instalment in an ongoing series of Jo vs phone, and for the record it’s Phone: 4 / Jo: O.

It’s taken me three days to get it fixed, then restored and finally up and running.  It was so bad this time they actually gave me a new one which was awesome but not so awesome when it came with a $410 price tag.  #yesreally #fourhundredandtenbigones #motherfucker

Despite that, it’s actually been pretty sweet to be off the grid.  If you would’ve told me last week I’d be phone-less for a few days I’d have broken into a cold sweat and then looked for a spare phone to find out why I was in a cold sweat.

So, since finding myself stuck in a no-phone zone, what did I discover?

  1. Of all the contacts saved in my phone, I only have about three committed to memory.
  2. Because all my appointments are saved in the phone calendar and no where else I had no idea when to turn up for my planned waxing appointment on Thursday which didn’t really matter anyway because I also had no way of calling to check {because point 1 and also point 3, as we don’t have a land line}
  3. Public phones. Do they even exist anymore? Anywhere? 
  4. Making plans the old fashioned way {I’ll meet you at 12.30pm at the coffee shop} ain’t so bad, and actually works!
  5. Apple won’t repair your phone if you’ve had it repaired previously at those kiosk type places because the “non-Apple parts” mean all warranty is void.
  6. Point 5 means taking out a small mortgage to get a new phone if you’re still in contract. 
  7. It also means losing ALL YOUR PHOTOS.
  8. Despite all that, I SURVIVED.

The biggest observation came though in the final hour while I was sitting at the shops waiting to pick up my new phone. 

I was by myself drinking a takeaway coffee and normally I’d be on my phone to pass the time but in the absence of one I found myself people watching.

What I saw was sad. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was on their phones. No one was talking, just scrolling. Walking and scrolling, eating and scrolling, drinking and scrolling, semi-watching the kids run riot and scrolling. I don’t even think people knew I was watching because they were so engrossed in their screens.  That used to be me. How sad. 

So I’m taking this week as a lesson. A four-hundred-and-ten-dollar lesson, but a lesson all the same.  

Put down the phone {gently!}.  Step back into that no-phone zone by choice and regularly.  Because you don’t need to check your emails/ text / be social on social media ALL THE TIME,  and especially when cooking dinner!

What’s your phone shattering story? I know we’ve all been there and I’d love you to share, either here or over on Instagram or Facebook, come say hello!



9 thoughts on “No phone zone 

  1. I hear you. I’ve been a little bit device addicted lately. I think I’ve been getting bored in my down time (as rare as it is you’d think I’d find more exciting ways to kill time). I must figure out how to detox just a teensy bit.
    Usually, it’s my husband who is both addicted to his phone AND wrecking his phones. He just got a new handset and now we’re poor (kidding: first world poor is not poor) so I can’t get one too. SO JEALOUS haha. I’ve been backing up my precious videos and photos more lately, because each software update makes me insanely nervous, the older my handset gets! x

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  2. I love my phone. Hard. I mean, if I leave it home accidentally (twice, because, baby brain/toddler) I break into a sweat and freak out and bemoan the fact for days afterward.
    However, I love to people watch. I love being out and watching others. I do try and put my phone down when I’m with E or the chap and I find it amusing the amount of time people are on their devices when out with others. We’ve been out for dinner and although we do check them once or twice, we did notice a couple on their phone the entire time we were there. Thankfully with they bring the case they may have missed me taking a photo of my food 🙊😂


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