Say hello to walls!

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I don’t mind a little bit of wall rocking with Mr O.

We’ve rocked 300+ walls in three years {shared on Instagram here} and the majority have been in my hometown of Perth, although some have been on the Gold Coast  and the Sunshine Coast too.

Because I get asked all the time “where’s that wall?” and “how do you live in such a colourful city?” I thought I’d start sharing the locations of each one we visit here.

Many of them are chance finds as we are out exploring, and I guess it is true that I am lucky to live in a pretty colourful pocket of the world.

I’ve already shared my fave rainbow walls in Perth and will update this page every time we rock a wall so you can hunt it out and do the same! Be sure to tag your pics to #sayhellowall so I can see them! 

Have fun and happy hunting!

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here? Say hello to this massive guy in the rear carpark to the Broken Hill Hotel {314 Albany Highway} in Victoria Park.

Who’s that girl? Say hello to this lovely lady who is nestled between a deli and the George Street Cafe & Patisserie {49 George Street, Kensington}. The striped canopy is part of the building but from a distance looks like it’s part of the mural.

We were lucky enough to contribute to a community mural, with almost 100 others.  It’s a toilet block that has seen a new lease on life thanks to some colour and creativity. This is just a small part of it, the other three walks each have more cool art to show. 

Say hello at the corner of Archer and Planet Streets, Carlisle.

How awesome is this library!? Seriously one of the best kids areas I’ve seen for Storytime sessions.

Say hello to this hot-aired happiness at Joondalup Library, 102 Boas Avenue, Joondalup.

Some walls are meant for climbing! This fishy character is at Deep Water Point at Mt Pleasant.  The entire piece is covered in mosaic tiles and each side of the square has a slightly different pattern.  

When your clothes match the wall you gotta shoot it right? Find this one at the very end of South Terrace in Fremantle.

How cool is this wall for a back to school pic? You can say hello at the Landsdale Animal Farm, it’s right near the cafe too {and the coffee is amaze} so double win!

Ice cream anyone? Grab yours upstairs at Watertown, Perth.

One of Perth’s newest walls is actually one of the biggest. This is a new installation by Chris Nixon and features five birds in total {yes it’s huge!}. Go say hello in the carpark at Aldi in Harrisdale.

Walls made out of music posters?  Robbie Williams front and centre? Plus a coffee and a piece of cake in one of Perth’s coolest cafes?! Yes please!  Go say hello at Greens & Co {or Cock} in Leederville.

More posters! This time found after a trip to the movies.  This is inside a cute little cafe next door to the Cygnet Theatre in Como.

This amazing installation by Tellas is part of a series at Curtin University for Form WA.  Walk around the campus, you can’t miss it! 

Finding wall art in of all places: the Art Gallery!  This colourful installation is by Rebecca Baumann. It’s awesome because the cards keep on flipping which means the colours are forever changing.  Say hello on the lower floor, just past the entry.

Please check back soon because I share my faves here all the time!